Meet Graham Nelson (The Owner)

I was destined to run my own business at an early age. To be honest I geared my entire educational career towards that end, starting with middle school. After progressing through the Red Deer public school system, I was elated to commence my post secondary career as a student at Red Deer College. After countless nights studying calculus, statistics, economics, and accounting, I earned my Transfer Diploma to go to the University of Calgary (U of C). U of C is where I found my true calling. After trying out all the new options they presented, it was not long before my imagination and interest settled on Operations Management. I absolutely loved the idea of taking an existing process and making it more efficient. When I received my Bachelor of Commerce in Operations Management in 2000, I immediately found a job in Business Process for a prominent Petro-Chemical contracting firm.

It was here that I expanded my knowledge of Business Process as well as my education for the next 9 years. Not only did I run the Business Process department, I received my Certified Associate in Project Management designation from Mount Royal College and the Project Management Institute. I received my Microsoft Certification and completed my Karras Negotiating course all while working here. I then put all this training and experience to good use and took over the family business.

My wife Jenny and I decided it was time to raise our 3 children while running the business I grew up with. Overnight, we all became Greenhouse Owners. My Business Process knowledge came into play right away as I was able to increase growing output by 20% while using the existing space. We now sell product to big-box stores and independent garden centers across Western Canada. We also broker product across Canada. Over the past 15 years we have changed the operation such that we can grow the ideal quantity of product using fewer staff and maintaining the standard of quality our customers have grown to expect.

Working with Business Process for the last 20+ years, I have used my experience to develop the Hybrid Business System and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you to help your small, medium or even start-up business reach its full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you eliminate the day-to-day stresses that prevent your company from taking the next step. We will help your team reach their potential thus allowing your company to as well.




Meet The Owner

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