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Hybrid Business Solutions is a Business Process Management company based out of Red Deer, Alberta. We offer Business Process Management solutions for small to medium companies across all industries including service, manufacturing, and construction by providing a solution that is a ‘Hybrid’ of Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement, ISO 9000, and Six Sigma practices. Our goal is to help relieve as much of the day-to-day stress as possible so you can concentrate on the actual stressful things like the next big proposal, landing a new client, completing a project; whatever your specialty may be.

Our Process Improvement Specialists will work with you to develop digital versions of all process documentation and help eliminate antiquated paper systems that your business has outgrown; all while helping you to understand your business better. By quantifying all existing processes, you are then able to:
  1. diagnose areas requiring improved efficiency,
  2. reduce operational and financial waste, and
  3. train your employees to your new process standards.
As a business owner, you know that all employee tasks hold a dollar value and our system offers real-dollar-savings, thus improving the bottom line. Our Hybrid Business System (HBS) is a proprietary and sophisticated online document management & training tool with a proven track-record of taking businesses to the next level. HBS will help you organize all your business process documents company-wide by allowing you to ensure that your employees are appropriately trained on not just how to do their job, but how to maximize efficiency in all tasks associated with their job, subsequently aiding Leadership by way of training, auditing and performance management effectiveness.

HBS ensures you always have the latest version of every document at your fingertips. No more searching for the latest version in this file folder or that stack of paper on the corner of your desk. No more trying to distribute it across all departments and satellite offices via e-mail or inter-office mail. With HBS, the latest version of every document is accessible, and there is no waiting Muda (waste) and no rework, thus simplifying your entire workplace and optimizing efficiency.

How great does it sound to know that you can sit down with your team, regardless of their physical location, and work on something important, like a project proposal or a multi-regional budget, knowing that all of you will literally be on the same page? Consistent, concise, and real-time collaboration; you can hit the ground running and concentrate on your specialty.

Another great benefit of using HBS is that we help legitimize your business for your customers by identifying and eliminating errors, leading to increased capacity and increased customer satisfaction. HBS is a great selling tool to physically show your customer that you can “walk the talk”.

Take the next step contact us and let us help you put dollars back in your business today! Time is money.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you eliminate the day-to-day stresses that prevent your company from taking the next step. We will help your team reach their potential thus allowing your company to as well.




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